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The Gravediggers' Arms

The Gravediggers’ Arms is probably the worst pub in England. Its microbrewery produces brews that are even more foul than the tempers of its unhygienic regulars. Beers like Old Septic Tank, Undescended Gonad and Ferret’s Liver Liquorice Stout would be guaranteed to give even the most fanatical beer ticker the hangover from hell.

Nestling in a secluded setting somewhere between the abattoir and the toxic waste dump, The Gravediggers’ is the ultimate pub that you wish you hadn’t stumbled into.

Follow the mind-boggling schemes dreamed up by landlord James and Mazz, his enterprising barmaid, in their valiant bids to turn the Diggers into a semblance of a viable – and clean – pub. And discover how each of those futile attempts is invariably thwarted by the incorrigible locals, including the truculent trio of Old Pete, Old Joe and Old Moses.

The Gravediggers’ Arms by Charlie Mackle collects the first thirty pint-sized instalments of life in the Gravediggers' Arms as published in Swan Supping.

Published on 1st April as a proper book with real pages, The Gravediggers’ Arms will be available to order at the special limited-edition price of £6.99 (£7.99 from 1st June) from Search for Charlie Mackle or the ISBN of: 978-1530608690 or click on the link below:

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